Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Money for Nothing (and Our Kicks for Free)

AVC Scholarship Awards, 2012

Anybody remember Dire Straits?  That old classic song "Money for Nothing" has workers who install kitchen appliances seeing a rock band on MTV, and complaining that the musicians get "their money for nothun and their chicks for free."  (Being a rock star is so easy that the worst that might happen is that you "get a blister on your little finger.")

Money for nothing?  Well, not exactly.  We just celebrated the real-life version of that, at the recent Scholarships Award Ceremony last week.  Maybe here we would say, "Money for rising above it all and really achieving true success."  It always makes me a bit happier, a bit more confident about the ultimate justice in the world, when I see the awards being given and the family support behind the winning students.  From Board Members to Scholars in Residence to future AVC students, here are some photos from that exciting day.

Congratulations, everybody!

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