Sunday, May 13, 2012

Former AVC Student Reunites with Adopted Daughter

Celebrating Mother's Day . . . 18 Years After Giving Birth

This blog normally uses certified organic, home-grown, campus-generated content, and as such, puts up very few posts that merely re-tweet the work of others.  Yet former AVC student Tre Miller has written such a powerful and life-affirming post, it deserves a special spotlight.  Having gotten pregnant in high school, Tre made a very hard, brave choice: she carried the baby to term and put the child up for adoption.  She stayed in touch with the parents but didn't meddle in that family.  In time, her daughter found her, and they have had an emotional and very successful reunion.

Tre's story about her decision, about her daughter, and about their newfound love can be found on this link.

There may be other stories in and around it; the one that's about a former AVC student is titled "A Daughter, Rediscovered."  God bless mom and kid, both.

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