Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Thank You, Those Who Serve

Thoughts for a Holiday That Should be about More than "What's on the Grill?"

From the photographer Ken Rockwell come these thoughtful remarks, pasted here from his helpful camera blog.  (He has his detractors, certainly, but in my experience his reviews are always spot on.)

Here's Mr. Rockwell:

Today is a day everyone gives thanks for those who gave everything in the past, so that the rest of us can enjoy our freedom today.

I give thanks each and every day, because if it wasn't for these brave folks who put duty before self, I wouldn't be able to enjoy just sitting here and having a nice day. Without these sacrifices, we wouldn't have much of anything except total chaos.

Today we have an all-volunteer military, and at least one American is killed every single day in the Middle East. I hope everyone realizes that these folks could have wimped out and stayed home, but instead chose to to risk everything to serve all of us, instead of themselves.

I give thanks everyday for everyone out risking their lives in the military, as well as police, fire and every other kind of public safety operation. There are no more honorable professions than these, where people risk everything they have every day so that total strangers — that's us — can live in peace. If you folks weren't out there every day, we'd still have total chaos!


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