Monday, March 14, 2011

Son of Blog

Regular Feature Returns

Sorry for the delay: after Antarctica, AVC’s blog options began to divide and braid like glacial streams. Santi Tafarella will be helping with an accreditation blog and a pedagogy blog for the Basic Skills program, both of which will be available only to faculty, and Charles Hood (self portrait below: I am the tall shadow, not the fat dinosaur, though some would argue the reverse) will be doing the community blog, which is the one you are reading now.

Santi’s updates depend on program review schedules and faculty input, but this blog will change about once a week on average. Initial features in the next month will talk about blind photography, the amazing renaissance in children’s picture books, the aesthetics of sports, whether or not Kindle is an agent of the devil, and the relationship between the poet Walt Whitman and the AV Symphony. On average we won’t cover politics, offensive content, or immediate news items; other venues exist for those. We will though have guest bloggers and a variety of opinions. The first of the new, post-Antarctica posts will be up shortly.

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