Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blind Artists (a brief postscript)

Follow Up to Other Posts

Thank you to those of you who told me about using the video link in class, as the story of the blind photographer and the New Orleans band and all of that is very touching to me.

I am in Chicago, doing work for a journalism lesson, and have been trying to let that sensibility inform my own visual notes. Listening to a mix of rain and snow and hail play against the glass of my hotel window, I tried to capture that dislocated sense of mixed up weather by shooting through the thinnest part of the curtains. It is not great, but I am glad to be trying to listen to the world differently.

And inside the Art Institute of Chicago, they have a gallery for sight impaired visitors, where the "wall text" is in Braille and one can freely touch the art. How wonderful!

Several people may have responses about our notes on Kindle versus books: the iPad side of the block is ready to enlarge the dialogue. Something about that may come shortly. Last, at the same museum, their entrance steps have this text-based artwork installed into them, and I am not sure what it means, but I sure do want one for the stairs inside my house!

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