Monday, June 2, 2014

Putting Out the "Gone Fishin'" Sign

blog's hiatus / new direction (probably and maybe)

The Antelope College Blog started a few years ago, when the usual author (me, Charles Hood) reported from Antarctica, when I was on a research grant with the National Science Foundation.

For all of June, the "gone fishin'" sign will be out.

Several reasons for this. In my case, I will be in Tibet all month and am not checking email nor phone messages. I will be off the grid as completely as possible. Among other species, I look forward to seeing of my favorite birds, the Hoopoe. Of course, at 16,000 feet, I will be panting so hard I probably won't be able to hold my binoculars steady.

Separate from that, it may be time for a new look / new direction for the AVC blog. Starting in July, a new Public Information Officer will start work at the college, and so perhaps there will be an overhaul to many public faces of Antelope Valley College. Perhaps not --- I am not suggesting there will be something big and dramatic happening --- but perhaps so, if whoever it is has a new vision for how this space can be used.

Until then, keep your powder dry and your canoes pointed downstream.

See everybody in July.


Charles Hood can usually be reached at This blog does not represent the views of the Board of Trustees nor the District as a whole, nor do they endorse the predation of our finny friends for sport or profit.