Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quilts, Kettlekorn, Fire Codes, and Steve Buffalo's Grandkids

AVC starts this week --- and so does the AV Fair

That time of year again: the Perseid meteor shower, long lines in the bookstore, weeks on end of 100+ degree days --- and with parades and Ferris wheels, the AV Fair has came back again too.

This past Saturday on Lancaster Blvd we had the traditional small-town, good-time, come-one-come-all parade.  Here's a sampling of life in America, 2012.

It used to be that as an evening instructor, I had a lot of requests come Fair time --- my students were showing animals in 4H events or had appearances as Miss Rodeo Buckle or some such, and needed permission to miss class. Now that I have shifted to be more on the online teaching side of the equation, I don't get to know who raises sheep or whose sister needs a ride after the concert. I still feel connected though: the fair is a good place to see old students, meet Vietnam Vet beekeepers, or take pictures of a Board member's grandkids playing with the giant chess pieces.

Again, moving on from parade to the full Fair itself, let's take another visual tour. The ride's sign says "Alien Abduction," though in some respects, you don't need to pay to take that ride to end up on another planet.  And so here we go....


The sign said "henna tattoos," and having seen real henna tattooing in India, this product seemed to me more like a different kind of India, as in, India ink, not henna.  Lovely design though, I will say that, even if there was a bit of false advertising at work.  That's okay.  Who comes to a Fair expecting drab reality?  The whole point is to escape back into Never Never Land.  We eat luridly colored food, we fling our bodies into dangerous and vomit-inducing poses, and we try to win immensely overstuffed prizes.  (Man, did my wife beat the pants off of me at Skee-Bowl this year!)  The AV Fair is a chance to wear cowboy boots and a denim mini-skirt (if a gal), or (if you're a kid) to ride a pony or play with chess pawns nearly as big as you are.  I'm just sorry that it only comes once a year, since it is a good way to take one's mind off of grim reality . . . such as how long the wait lists are for English 101 and Math 60.  Speaking of which, I had better go clear out my voice mail and my email's in-box.  "No, sorry, I know the computer shows an opening, but that's an error.  The class really is full --- trust me, I am the instructor, and I was there.  In that room we are right up against the edge of the fire code as is, so no, sorry, I can't take even one more person."

Hmm, this will be a long day.  Maybe I should run get just one more order of funnel cake, to see me through . . . .

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