Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missing Portion of the Internet Found

Mysteries Solved: Blog Resumes

In the odd way that these things work: the AVC blog has been being written and posted, complete with pictures, yet depending on one's browser, the posted posts were not posting for some people.  Yet to the AVC webmaster (Stephen Burns) and to the Blog blabber (Charles Hood), things looked fine.  It all depended on which way you came into the maze.

Alerted to the problem, we sent a team of technicians, shaman apprentices, and highly trained robots down into the catacombs to prowl all of the World Wide Web, searching for leaks in the Matrix.  After hours and hours of searching, followed by months of careful analysis, we have found the broken part of the Internet.  Here is a picture of the disconnected section.

We then used special underwater welding torches to mend the broken links.  All of the AVC blog posts, going back to Antarctica, should all now be reformatted and relaunched.

We apologize for the delays and hope now we have a permanent work-around in place.  We also hope to get back onto a regular schedule.  Thank you for your patience so far.  Upcoming topics will investigate windows, Vermeer, old cars, horses, why Santi Tafarella has gotten a million hits, and the tense relationship of cameras and art museums.

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